<<In 1971, Jean-Marie Barre joined the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Aix-en-Provence. First confronting himself with the creation of stage canvases, he then realized murals, some of them large-format. As project manager, he works in particular on the relationship between architecture, narration and place. He also worked for three years as a journalist (Le Film français, Vidéo 7, L’Évènement du jeudi). It was in the 1980s that he found his writing in painting. His work focuses on personal and collective memory as well as social observation. It was not until 2010, after three years of questioning, that he approached a radically different way of painting. Signing JMB BARRE, he found a first metamorphosis with a work of matter, tackled on canvas and sculpture. A new period is implemented from acrylic – and with bare hands – associating black and white, then a triad composed of black, red, white. JMB has been working in abstraction since 2012. >>

JMB Barre


Solo shows & groupe shows (Selection):

        Galerie Grey, Cannes, 1992

        Galerie L’orangeraie, St-Paul de Vence, 1992,1994,1995,1996

        Galerie Tempera, Bruxelles, 1996

        Galerie Zabbeni ,Vevey, Suisse, 1997

        Salon Comparaisons, Grand-Palais, Paris, 1992, 2001

        Figuration critique, Grand-Palais, Paris, 1992, 1994

        Sté Nationale des Beaux-arts, Paris, 1993

        Expo France-Japon, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto… 1993-1994

        Hôtel de Ville, Lausanne, Suisse, 1993

        Figuration critica 2, Fondation Santillana, Esp.1993

        Espace JGS Bd Haussmann, Paris, 1999-2000

        Un sud intériorisé, Galerie des Arches, Paris,  2007

        Les Conquérants…, APACC Montreuil, Paris, 2010

        Les Conquérants…, Galerie Le Garage, Orléans, 2011

        Entrée en matière, HB55, Berlin, 2013

        Triad of colors, HB55, Berlin, 2014